Sunday, 26 April 2009

hwj plans!

Dan Francis suggests that if we 'cycle' with idea (do you see what Dan Francis did there?) of going from Venice to Rome, we could do a trip like this.
1. Drive the Venice 16hrs ish, do that in one hit.
2. Camp in Venice, get a gondola, write some poetry and sort the bikes out.
3. Hit the road to Rome, Dan Francis will be driving this leg on his own. Dan Francis would have all the kit. Dan Francis has no idea how long it will take you guys to cycle 330 miles. Dan Francis guesses 6days?
4. Get to Rome, Dan Francis will guide with Satellite navigation system.
5. Have a little party, drink some espresso, have a pizza, slick back our hair and get a spray tan. Dan Francis will probably catch a show, something operatic he feels.
6. Jump on the ferry and cross to Barcelona, roughly costing us 50euros each, with car. Cutting only about 100miles off the trip but it would mean being in Barcelona and Dan Francis feels that could be fun for all
7. party in Barcelona make a little love, dance a little bit, basically get on down. Dan Francis will of course be spending his time in the museums and viewing the beautiful architecture.
8. Drive back from Barcelona in two days. 16hrs ish.

Dan Francis thinks this whole trip will be about 12-14 days depending on time spend in major cities, one night in each in a hostel will cut costs.
Dan Francis this when it comes to cost, channel crossing is about £120 return, Rome- Barcelona £160. Fuel cost £250 (Dan Francis doesn’t know how much petrol costs on the mainland). Dan Francis thus thinks this will cost us about £150 in travel costs. Dan Francis will then need to add in toll roads/accommodation.

Dan Francis does think we will need a trailer with three bikes/camping stuff/petes face cream/ clarkies tash comb/ tedris lederhosen.

If Dan Francis takes the job he is thinking about there will be a company car, company = company insurance= any of you fuckers can drive it (Pete pass your test you git)

Dan Francis would like to thank you for reading and hopes you enjoyed his ideas.