Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Man that likes to Rant!!

Things I have learnt this week, driving from London to Leeds at 2a.m is a fucking weird feeling! What ever I have and will say being in Leicester Forest services at 3.40 am is full of surprises. I’m there getting a sugar rush and stretching my legs, for some reason I want to purchase a magazine. On the east side it isn’t there, have you ever tried to buy a national enquirer (for my girlfriend honest) from a half deaf French woman? it took ten minuets for us to find the empty slot, 10 minuets and a lot of me going to her good ear (the right side). So I ventured through the baron landscape of empty KFC and Burger King to the other side. Honestly it looked like everyone had suddenly gone; it was clean but chocolate bars and pastries where everywhere. Everything stacked lovingly before the apocalypse came and very considerately took them away. I got to the other WH Smith and met Dan, a man with Bert on one arm (lower arm) and Ernie on the other. What sort of fucking moron has sesame street permanently inked on his arms. Inked really badly too, it looked like his kid wanted to draw and there wasn’t any paper of pens. Just a tattoo Gun and Daddies arms. This was the point when I was sure I was going to be murdered by Dan and flambĂ©ed by the little Frenchie. I had sudden visions of Dan dancing around with my skin as a cape and my face on the back of his head, so he could ‘see both ways’. I suddenly thought about what herbs my leg meat would be marinated (rosemary and parsley by the way).Dan smiled at me, the sort of smile that he learnt from counselling in jail, my legs tensed just encase I had to run. It was so forced you could see his eyes twitching. Run I did when I got out of the services, straight to my car where I burned away as quick as I could, to the next services where I had my banana and bottle of Vimto. Fucking night workers man, NUTS!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

'All Neon Like' Exhibition by Gemma Ward. Photos by Sam Pearce.

exhibition ends sat 31st jan. The Macbeth Pub, Hoxton.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Darren ' Hoxton wire art'

Whilst out sampling a few ales with chums in Hoxton this week we were approached by a homeless guy called Darren, he asked us for some spare change but not for free! In return he would bend us anything we asked for out of wire, more like a 'swap' if you will. I got him to make this 'Hot White Junk' logo below which he did using two bits of wire in under a minute. The guy was rad! if your in the hoxton area and bump into a small, grubby looking safe guy called Darren flip him some small change and he'll do his thing!


Hoxton Street Art

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Text of the week! Joe Wright!

'Only the bird of doom lingers in the frosty chill. 'why oh great one cant we leave the tower of confusion, must we sit here on a biscuit of forgotton cheese? Yes my friend the cha cha slide keeps us in a dark shadow but the moonbeam says pray, for i am a balderdash, now shave my face off'!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hot white Salmon Nipples Ingredients!

Do this.....

mini croustades (swedish)
iceberg lettuce
fresh lemon juice
smoked salmon (Brown recommends responsibly sourced, birch and juniper smoked salmon)
hollandaise sauce
melted butter
Dill to decorate, if you are a fancy pants

GO LOCAL.. shop local where you can.

-grease croustades with melted butter
-shred lettuce
-strip salmon and douse with lemon
-put in lettuce, blob hollandaise, tumble in salmon, blob hollandaise.
-Snack your face off.

Dish of the Week with Brown! Hot White Salmon Nipples!

Franners rant!

Im not going to lie i felt that 'hot white junk' was going to be something alot more sexy when i clicked on, it cock in hand, i was slighty put off. Im not saying its a bad site but its slightly misleading. Hot White Junk is obvioulsy a nickname for baby gravy, love juice or one eyed snake venom. Im pretty sure if i was at work, thanks to the recession im not, the filter would block it.The filter does block eveything usfull, FHM -blocked, Facebook- blocked and even spankwire blocked. This thus lead me to find as much stuff as possible that was as riskey as possible to view during my many hours of work. Oh well shit happens, the world keeps turning and keeps getting updated.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Astoria closes its sweaty curtains for the last time.

Leather and plaid were out in force this wednesday for the final showdown of the much loved venue. After years of pleasing scenesters, rockers, hippies and pricks the venue is now finished! Some shed tears, most got pissed and some touched themselves. Get cape and the King blues provided highlights of the evening along with the mystery jets throwing there barnets into the final curtain! There is no doubt the venue will be missed, thanks for the good times. R.I.P Astoria!!

Astoria - Demolition Ball

Monday, 12 January 2009

The New 1920 + Boom in the Diamond Industry, Club 85, Hitchin, dec 08. Photos Pete Killingbeck

Name and Occupation! Barcelona. Photos by Pete Killingbeck

Hot White Junk


Hot White Junk is a magazine that is currently under construction. 
I cannot specify the Genre because the magazine will dart willy nilly between many offering you interesting stories, arts culture and music. 

Hot White junk is influenced by Deutschland, Ale and not forgetting the Penny Farthing Bicycle.